The Battle...

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."
James 5:16b

In a newsletter from Anne Graham Lotz, she stated that prayer has always been a struggle for her. She said, "In fact, I would describe it as the fight of my life." I know I shouldn't find comfort in the struggles of another person, but when I read that I did. At times I think I am the only one that struggles in my prayer time with my mind wandering, being sleepy, trouble concentrating and I can day dream and get totally sidetracked. So to hear that someone I respect says she struggles with the same things, encourages me that I am not alone.

"Prayer is the front line of the has been said that Satan trembles when he sees even the weakest believer on his knees. And for those of us who are not weak believers, he must not only tremble, but be enraged. I believe he launches a serious, all-out offensive to dismantle what the source of our peace and power and wisdom--the very heartbeat of our relationship with Jesus..which is our personal, private time of prayer."
~Anne Graham Lotz~

Why do I forget the spiritual battle that goes on for my prayer time? I am so quick to think it's me. It is me in part, because I forget that Satan comes to rob, steal and destroy and the best place to start is with the lack of prayer altogether or distract me when I am praying. I am more determined than ever to pray against those distractions. This was a good reminder for me. Thank you, Lord.


sherry said...

This morning I read another chapter in Chuck Smith's "Prayer, Our Glorious Privilege". The subject matter was about spiritual warfare - the enemy's intent to make our prayer life void.

Reading your blog post of today is confirmation.

May our day be bathed in prayer.

Mishel said...

What a good reminder for me as well!

I know for me, I can get so distracted while praying. It really helps to write my prayers in a journal.

Have a wonderful day Patty!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

Thank you for sharing this!
May the Lord bless your day with His love and goodness!

Your new blog looks beautiful!



~~Deby said...

You are so right....need more prayer time that is for sure...hmmmm....lots to ponder.