A Tug On My Heart...

It's been a long time since I've posted.....

  A lot of life has happened in the last four years, mostly health issues.  I had a neck fusion that led from one thing to another.  I had a disc that was dangerously close to my spinal cord and one fall or accident could sever my spinal cord.  I had no choice in the matter but to have surgery, it was a "have to" thing.  But it left me with terrible headaches that I never experienced before. In the process of all this the doctor found out I had 4 herniated disks causing my leg to give out on me. My days are filled with chronic pain.  It's been a battle both physically and spiritually.  During this time,  I've stayed close to the Lord, but I must confess some days I wondered where He was.  There were two things I tried to do everyday...have a quiet time sitting at the Lord's feet and making dinner for Bob....even if it was simple.  I didn't always accomplish this, but it was my goal.

My husband went part time a year ago which has really been nice.  He works three days a week which is just perfect.  It gets him out among people and keeps us with full medical benefits. It's been a big change I will admit but, it's worked out perfectly at a time I needed help.

I've missed blogging.  In this battle I've been in, I wasn't sure that I had much to offer in words of encouragement.  I feel the tug in my heart to try again. It's not easy and most of the time impossible to put into words the deeper things that God is doing in us. Pain can change people.  I pray for His glory that I've changed for the better.

Blessings, my friends!