Monday, April 27, 2009

Old Guys Rule...

"Old Guy and Me "

Okay, so today is a new day and a new week. I am so glad. Last week was a humdinger of a week. I didn't feel well, must have an allergy attack or a cold of some kind. I had the grand kids two full days..and got ready for my husband's birthday party.

The party was very nice we did the "Old Guys Rule" theme. Darcy made a wonderful cake and helped me decorate. Tomorrow is my husband's actual birthday and we have already had two celebrations. Last week friends took us out for dinner and brought a pie back to the house and this week we are going out with a group of eight of us going out for dinner and dessert, maybe back here at our house. There are surprises tomorrow too..shhh.

I looked around at the goodness of God at the party. We have two healthy children, (a son and a daughter,) married Christian spouses, they each have two healthy daughters, who love Jesus too.

Bob still has his mother which is a blessing for him. Most people we know, have lost their Mother's already. I have.

My brother prayed such a heart felt prayer for Bob. Everybody was dabbing their eyes. He has been like a Father to him since our dad died.

We aren't the Walton's by any means...we don't always see other members of our family. I guess in each family there can be things that draw them apart. It can be sad at times.

All in has been a good birthday for my husband. As for me..maybe things can settle down a bit for me, and I can catch my breath.

I hope to write my devotionals maybe this week, if I can simmer down and hear God's voice!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy, Busy Days...

The last few weeks, time just seemed to fly by and everyday I thought I would post on my blog...and nothing came to mind or my heart to post about. It's been a busy month. Our church is planning a Woman's Tea in May. I am doing the message that morning so my thoughts have been in that direction.

My husband was on vacation one of the weeks and we worked in the yard. Good thing we did it when we was 106 degrees yesterday! Oh I am so not ready for a closed up house and A/C on. One day we went to Encinitas and had a picnic with my brother who lives down there at the beach for his birthday. It was a great day. They have a great Home Goods down there and I got to do a quick walk through to see if anything hit my fancy....can you imagine a quick walk through at Home Goods?? It's a painful thought! it's the first time I ever came out not finding one thing. Oh, I found some things, but I told my husband, granddaughters and my daughter...I'll be out in 15 minutes. That just wasn't enough time to decide on all the lovelies that I found .

I finished Living Beyond Yourself, by Beth Moore. I did it at church this time. The first time was in a small group in my home. If you are looking for a wonderful study on the Fruits of the Spirit..this one is by far, the best one I have ever done.

I had Easter here this year, there was 13 of us. We had a good time. Everyone has their own church to attend, so we met here about 1:00 and had a wonderful afternoon of fellowship, some games and way too much food!

It was my oldest girlie's 9th birthday last week. Where does time go? This week I am preparing a dinner at our house for my husband's birthday. He's not too crazy about this birthday..I'll see if these numbers will even type.....60. Oh my goodness it did. I'll have to tell him it did...this birthday seems to be at the top of all the big birthdays he's had. I tell him....each day of waking up to a new day is a gift..60 is just a number. See, I can say that, I am a couple years, okay, a year and a half behind him.

I have been down for the count a few days this month. I can't be as busy as I am and not suffer some consequences with this FMS/CFS stuff. But God always gives me what I need and after a few days rest, I hit it again.

Last computer crashed right after I wrote six pages of my message for the tea. It was thought that we lost messages, devotionals, pictures, iTunes... My son came over and worked eight hours on it. I call him the "whiz kid." ( He's almost 32..but still my kiddo. )
Finally it came back. Thank you, Lord and Robbie! He wasn't leaving he said, until everything was backed up on disks. Whew!

So my thoughts are on the tea, The title of my message is Reflections Of Beauty and that is the theme of the tea as well. I have about 50 minutes to speak...will you pray for me if you think of it? It is May 30th. So much has been going on and now all kinds of celebrations with people for Bob's birthday, that I just can't seem to get still with my thoughts. God is speaking to me...I have a tablet and pen everywhere..even next to my bed. I just need some still days.

I told you we were having a heat not like April. I better go get some things done outside before it warms up too much.

Thank you for not giving up on me and still coming to visit. I have missed blogging...and all of you.

Remember as your days.. so shall your strength be..every day God gives us the strength that we need to have.

Blessings on your day....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday...

"I glorified Thee on earth,
having accomlished the work which Thou hast given Me to do."
John 17:4
Thank you, Jesus...