Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Am Alive...

Yes, I am alive. The other day someone was talking to my daughter and said they still saw my husband out walking, but what happened to the beautiful dog he walked with. She told them the dog was put down two years ago..then he asked..." Is your Mom alive or dead." Whoa..that made me feel kind of weird. Maybe he thought I walked with my husband..I never have. His legs are a foot longer than mine and I could never keep up with him. He also walks at 5:45 and I am still trying to figure out that time of day if I am still alive.

I am alive, but I haven't felt well this last month...okay, longer than that. I won't whine and tell you the details. I am on the mend, I think...

I got to thinking my blogging friends might wonder if I was alive too. I am posting today with hopes of posting again really soon. I want to tell you about a bible study that I have been doing this summer. I have really been blessed doing it.

It's sooo hot here. It seems to me to be one of the hottest summers for me. I don't know how all of you who live with humidity do it. My hair hasn't looked good since April.

I'll close for now and tell you all that I will be back, hopefully in the next few days!