Monday, May 25, 2009

As We Remember...

Today as remember and honor all those who so freely gave of themselves for our country. May we remember those who are daily giving their lives for our freedom today...May we not forget and always remember that freedom is not free...thank you for paying the price.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello...?? Hello?

Here I am. I am not sure where I have been or what I've been doing. As I've pondered this, I don't' even know what's been filling my days. I've been busy ...I had Easter here, a party for my husband, I have been stocking my pantry, I have been writing a message for a tea, physical ups and downs...I think what gets me down is the time it takes me to bounce back up after busy days. That gets discouraging, because I can loose days at a time, pulling myself back together.

I did something fun on Monday...My daughter, her friend and myself went to Hollywood to see the finals of Dancing With The Stars. Oh my gosh, was that fun or what! We had to dress up "purty" to get in. Dress to impress they called it. it's so different being there than watching it on TV. It's so much smaller than it looks. And the dancers? Well their clothes look skimpier than on TV too. Oh my.

I saw where the American Girl Store was and hope to go there one day this summer with the grandgirlies.

I finally finished my message for the tea for our church. It's May 30th and it looks to be a lovely day. The theme for the morning is Reflections Of Beauty and that also is the title of my message.I am looking forward to the morning but will also be glad when the morning is behind us and we can just behold all the glorious things that God did.

I'm not sure why I am so bone weary, but I am. I miss my blog friends who visit and those that I visit. I miss writing on my blog and visiting blogs. It is my goal when this week is over to get all three of my blogs back up and in shape again.

My husband hurt his shoulder this week. He has had some really big projects going in the yard and I think he over did it. He saw the doctor and missed some work, but he is such a die hard groceryman that he went back to work today. Good work ethics is a better choice of words.

This was a hodgepdge of things today. But I just had to check in today and say hello and I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.