Old Guys Rule...

"Old Guy and Me "

Okay, so today is a new day and a new week. I am so glad. Last week was a humdinger of a week. I didn't feel well, must have an allergy attack or a cold of some kind. I had the grand kids two full days..and got ready for my husband's birthday party.

The party was very nice we did the "Old Guys Rule" theme. Darcy made a wonderful cake and helped me decorate. Tomorrow is my husband's actual birthday and we have already had two celebrations. Last week friends took us out for dinner and brought a pie back to the house and this week we are going out with a group of eight of us going out for dinner and dessert, maybe back here at our house. There are surprises tomorrow too..shhh.

I looked around at the goodness of God at the party. We have two healthy children, (a son and a daughter,) married Christian spouses, they each have two healthy daughters, who love Jesus too.

Bob still has his mother which is a blessing for him. Most people we know, have lost their Mother's already. I have.

My brother prayed such a heart felt prayer for Bob. Everybody was dabbing their eyes. He has been like a Father to him since our dad died.

We aren't the Walton's by any means...we don't always see other members of our family. I guess in each family there can be things that draw them apart. It can be sad at times.

All in all..it has been a good birthday for my husband. As for me..maybe things can settle down a bit for me, and I can catch my breath.

I hope to write my devotionals maybe this week, if I can simmer down and hear God's voice!

Have a wonderful Monday!


Renee said...

I like your theme....Old Guys Rule!
Blessings on your guy.

sherry said...

My old guy ruled this month too! This old gal as well! Old People Rule!! hehe.

What a wonderful celebration you've enjoyed and described for us, your readers and friends. So thankful for the entwining of dear one's hearts in our lives.


tea time and roses said...

Hello Patty!

Happy belated Birthday to your husband! I love the theme and I just know my Honey would get a real kick out of this one! :o) God is so good to us and daily He bestows His blessing upon us.



Abounding Treasures said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your husband ~ what a great theme you used!

Hopefully this coming week will bring rest and respite for you, as you contemplate writing your devotions.


sherry said...

Peeking in just say hello, I'm thinking about you and praying for you as the Lord leads. :o)