God Is Listening...

"For He has not ignored
the suffering of the needy.
He has not turned
and walked away.
He has listened to their
cries for help."

Psalm 22:24 NLT

Isn't this verse a comforting reminder that God does hear our cries for help? It doesn't matter what the circumstances of our lives are. If we are in need, He doesn't turn a deaf ear to us. God may not answer the way we want Him to, but He does answer in His timing, and in the way He knows is best for our particular need.

"He has not turned and walked away".......We can't always expect people to hang in there with us through our times of need. Some will, but many won't. But that's okay, we have reassurance all through the scriptures that God won't. He will never leave us or forsake us...no matter what!

Some trials go on for many years, it doesn't mean that God is ignoring us. If the mountain won't move, then we are to climb the mountain and bring glory to His name in the climb. How do we do that when the suffering can be so overwhelming at times? We abide in Him and draw close to Him through prayer and Bible reading...two simple things. We can't think for minute that Satan will not try to keep us from the rest and peace that comes as we abide. Be aware!

If you are discouraged and maybe needy today.....find comfort in knowing that God is listening and He has not turned away from you. Look for ways that you can see God working in your life, even if it's in the small things and then, give Him PRAISE!!!

"Don't be overwhelmed...
take it one day and one prayer at a time."

~Stormie Omartian~

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a portland granny said...

Thank you for this post. It is so easy to ask, "God are You there" especially when we have prayed so long to see changes in certain peoples' lives and it seems like He isn't listening. That is the hardest time for me to walk by faith!

This was a good reminder for me--in His time.


so glad you are back!