Grace Multiplied...

Pictures from Pismo Beach, Central Coast California

This is our favorite vacation place. One spring we had to cancel our trip because I wasn't up to the trip.We had cancelled vacations many times, but this particular time I learned a special lesson.

It had been a long winter of not feeling well. I have mentioned before, that I have chronic illnesses that deplete me of a good majority of my energy. That's fine, I am very accepting of that. But there are times, I feel bad for my husband, that he has to relinquish things as well. But he always takes it in stride and never shows his disappointment. He knows most things are penciled in. At one time, it really bothered me that he was on this roller coaster ride with me. Why did he have to suffer just because I did? He never complained and was and still is, very understanding. But I felt bad for him.
One day years back, I must have been grumbling to the Lord, letting the enemy have his way with self pity. Feeling like I was a burden..yep, I was really into the thick of this self pity stuff! It was then I heard that still, small voice say, "Grace." I thought, "Grace, what's that have to do with it? We just canceled our vacation plans again because of me."

What I came to realize was God choose my husband for me, gave him an extra measure of grace to be understanding, caring and loving towards me. He knew when He chose my husband for me, that I would need a man with patience and compassion and with a personality that doesn't complain about much.

Not only is God's grace sufficient for me...but it is for my husband. Only, I think he was given multiplied grace to be my husband.

So,that week we didn't go to Pismo Beach, the drive was too far. But we did do some day trips, one was to a Southern California beach. Just spending time together would be enough.

Grace, how would we survive without it?

"My grace is sufficient for you,
for power is perfected in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9


Maxine said...

Hi Patty,
It's so good that you recognize the grace of God in His choice of a mate for you. That's worth all of the vacations in the world.

Tonja H. said...

When I created my blog, a friend referred me to yours. I'm glad she did, because you've got words I need to hear. In particular, I needed to hear about God giving our husbands an extra measure of grace! Thank you!
Hugs from a new reader!

Heather L. said...

I have felt for my husband in this way as well, and also seen God provide him with grace and understanding. Illness definately affects the whole family.