Why I Keep A Journal...

I have been keeping a journal since 1981. As a child I never kept a diary, so as an adult it was a new thing for me. I don't write in it every day, but most days I do. I write mostly things that the Lord shows me through my Bible readings and Bible study. I write about my family, my joys, sorrows, defeats, victories and sin. I sometimes write lengthy prayers to God, pouring my heart out to Him in writing. I've written personal promises from God for my family and myself. Some I am still waiting on and others have been fulfilled. There have been times when things happen in my life that I have to write about it immediately. Other times, especially very difficult things, weren't written about until weeks later. Those times, the pain was usually too great to put into words right away. When I was able to write, it was so I would have record of the facts and the feelings.

My first journals were spiral bound notebooks. I have several that are the hard bound pretty ones, but I still have several going that are spiral notebooks.For me, it seemed I couldn't remember all the things that God would show me. Keeping a journal was a reminder to me. God wants to show us things about ourselves and things about Him. When I read back through my journals, which I do from time to time, I see things in my life that I still struggle with. Seeing this just makes me want to try even harder for victory over those things.I have never written anything in my journals that would hurt anyone, if they read them after I am gone. Maybe some of my heartaches would be surprising, but not hurtful.

I presently have six journals that I write in. I'll share what they are and why. I don't write in each of these everyday!

* My daily journal... I write what's going on in my life and the things God wants to show me.* My prayer journal.... I use this daily.
* A journal entitled...Possessing The Land. This journal records the progress in three areas of my life that the Lord has shown me to work on to fulfill a vision He has given me.
* My quote journal... I write any quote that I come across that ministers to me or I find encouraging in some area of my life.
* My scrapbook journal.... This is a spiral bound sketch book. I find pictures in magazines, cut them out and write around the pictures. These pictures are things that make me feel good. Each page is full of my favorite things. This let's my creative side have a part in journaling. I really enjoy this journal...it's a feel good book.
* My medical journal.... I started keeping this journal last summer when I hurt my back. Living with chronic illnesses you soon forget when you had the last test, or last ear infection, or when you last went to the doctor. It has been an eye opener for me.

I think keeping a journal can be such a blessing in our lives. It shows us where we have been and a direction of where we may be going. It's a reminder of what God says to us and a record of our obedience and disobedience. There isn't a right or a wrong way to journal, it is totally personal in what you want it to be for you.I hope that by reading this, if you have never kept a journal, that you will pick up pen and paper and write what's on your heart. Give it a try!


Abounding Treasures said...


I never kept a diary as a child either and I only wish I had started writing journals many years ago!

I did begin one in almost 29 years ago just before we got married but after almost 6 months, I sort of stopped writing in it ... to this day I can't remember why :o(

I received some inspiration from Michele at *Cherish the Home* regarding journaling a few weeks ago and now your delightful post has just re-confirmed why I'm so glad that I started keeping a journal once again :o)

I seem to keep it all in one, so far! But as I get more into doing this on a regular basis, I'm going to start a separate one that is more my daily activities and such!

In doing genealogy, I remember one person who found his GR grandmother's journal and he and the family were absolutely thrilled because they finally had her own thoughts on what her life was like and her and her own family's daily activities over many years ~ what a treasure :o)


Mishel said...

I always come to your blog with my journal and pen... : )

Good idea about keeping a medical journal. I never remember that kind of stuff.


Candy Bello said...

just passing by,

I agree with Mishel about the medical journal. Most people would not think to keep track of our health.

nice blog!


Rebecca said...

I, too, journal. For many years I've used a journal I find at Barnes and Nobles (I've not found it anywhere else.) It holds up well and has a grid layout (small squares). Since I write small, this book lasts just about a year. I write on the right hand pages first; get to the end and flip the book over and write on the other side of the page. When I get a new book, I rule some pages to contain books I've read, seasonal observations, quotes, and index*. The index particularly is helpful in locating entries I may later want to reference. I just put the topic and the date in this section. Instead of having many books going at one time, I have combined them into one.