Three Reasons...

Time really does fly, doesn't it? It was summer when I last posted and now it's Autumn. So many things have happened in our world since my last post. I mentioned in my previous post that I had a tile man here . He was tiling my master bathroom shower. It looks beautiful, but it took three weeks and he brought his wife with him everyday. Now, don't get me wrong, I am grateful...but there wasn't anywhere I could go in my own home. That's reason number one that I haven't posted. My back was out for a few weeks..that's reason number two! And I kind of lost my zeal after I deleted my blog. Very few of my readers can find me and some still have my old address on their side bars. It's like losing old friends. That's reason number three. (:
But I have my home back in order and feel enthusiastic about blogging again.

The winds are blowing so hard today. In the night things kept hitting the windows. It is our first Santa Ana winds of the season and we have fires already. And it's COLD. I never thought I would feel cold again after the heat we have had. But the week isn't over either..Santa Ana winds are usually hot dry winds.

I have some Monday chores to do and a devotional to write for our first night of Bible study tomorrow night. So I'll close for now and be back tomorrow!


Mishel said...

Yikes! I was one of those that had not changed my sidebar to your new address. Sorry! : ( But it's done now. : )

I hope your back is feeling better...and boy, do I know about not having any place to go in your own home! That was one of the hardest things about our remodel. I'm glad your bathroom is finished and that you love it.

And yes it's VERY cold and windy! It didn't even reach 60 degrees here today. Then there are the fires...not good. So far Rande has not been officially called into work, but he's on stand-by.

Blessings to you!

sherry said...

Oh, what a sweet surprise to 'see' you gain, Patty! I'm sorry though that you've been challenged with various things, including entertaining your tiler's wife. :o)

Those bloggie friends that you know have your old blog addy on their sidebars - let 'em know, chickie! Your blog is much too meaningful to pass by.

Jane <><

Maxine said...

I agree. Go around and remind everyone to change their sidebars! Glad you're blogging again and hope you'll be cheered by it.

Abounding Treasures said...

Glad your bathroom is complete and that you're feeling well enough to blog once again :o)