The Hard Thing...

"Unparalleled joy and victory come from allowing Christ to do the "hard thing" with us."
~ Beth Moore~

I had to stop and be still before the Lord when I read this quote ...was there a "hard thing" in my life that I was to learn from right now? Oh yes, I really didn't even have to get all that still to know. It came right down to OBEDIENCE. Such a word. DISOBEDIENCE..ouch, another word. Sometimes we find ourselves in those hard places because God has asked something of us and we fail to obey. We can obey for awhile and then find ourselves slipping right back to where we were before. Forgetting all the while that it was God who spoke these things to our heart in the first place.

Through the years in my walk with the Lord I have found that nothing can bring more joy than being obedient to the things that God has asked of me. Walking in the things I know to be true, obeying when I hear the whispers from Him in my heart, surrendering those things He asks of me...sometimes walking in those things means they become the "hard things". It all comes down to allowing Him to have His way with us, all for His glory.

Victory is mine in Christ, bought and paid for by His blood. At times, I don't always feel it or walk in it. When I have been obedient, I feel victorious. Oh what a feeling! There is unparalleled joy and victory in the hard things when we allow Christ to have His way with us.

Are you experiencing a "hard thing" right now? Is there anything God is asking of you while you are in this hard place? It can be ever so small and doesn't have to be a big thing. I think of when my kids were young and I would tell them to do something and there would be that, "Why." Because I said so, I might reply. Even in the small things God has a reason for asking us to do or not to do something. Why? Because He says so. We don't have to always understand, we just need to obey, and will follow!

"For it is God who is at work in you,
both to will and to work for His good pleasure."
Philippians 2:13


Abounding Treasures said...

This pricks my heart and conscience and I'm still learning ...


a portland granny said...

Perfect post for me. I have been resisting doing my Bible study for the past week. It sits spread out on my kitchen table, looking terribly spiritual, but alas I don't sit down and do it. The resistance to doing it is growing and I know what I need to do and don't do it. I have decided my resistance is disobedience, therefore sin. Today, I trust will be the day that I break this bond around my heart.

I'm in the middle of making your cranberry mousse--it looks like it will be delicious.

Thanks for posting, Patty. Always from your heart to mine, your posts are!