Quitter Or Obedient?

" The enemy tries everyday to get us to quit...then he calls us a quitter."

I was going through my night stand next to our bed and I found this slip of paper that I wrote the above quote. I don't remember writing it. I had to be watching a DVD of Beth Moore's or listening to the radio and jotted it down.. I really needed that encouragement the day I found it. God knows when we need those special touches.

It's so true..he, Satan does everything he can do to have us quit the things that we do in obedience to God. He puts every obstacle in our way that he knows will discourage us. Sometimes those things come right after another like waves, knocking us down so we can hardly catch our breath. We have probably given in and quit before so he knows what tactics will work in our defeat. He whispers, You can't do this." "You have never succeeded before, why try again." "Your life is too busy to do this." "Everyone is smarter than you." Oh my gosh, the whispers that he plants in our minds continues, sometimes until he wears us down and we quit. Then...he calls us a quitter. How fair is that? Remember, the enemy doesn't play fair. He comes to rob and destroy us. He is such a deceiver.

Is there something in your life that you want to quit? Are you hearing whispers from the Lord or the enemy? If it is the Lord telling you to quit, He will call it obedience. If it's the enemy...he will call you a quitter. Then he lays on the guilt. See what a vicious circle it is?

We have to walk in the Spirit everyday to recognize the tactics that are individually designed just for us. When we do, we won't walk in the flesh and be tricked by the enemy. This quote stirred up my righteous anger...to think he would chip away at me day and night and when I had been pecked enough, to then think he would call me a quitter! Grrrrr.

Be wise and be aware of whose whispers you are listening to.


Renee said...

This posting is very helpful for me today. I have Chronic Lyme Disease and CFS and MCS as a result of the Lyme. I was diagnosed June of 2007 after being ill for over 22 yrs. The treatment brings on alot of pain and other symptoms and some days I just want to quit and let the Lyme bacteria rage on. I feel discouraged and wonder if at my age it is worth it. Today is one of those days and in searching for encouragement and inspiration from our Lord I found your blog.
Today God spoke to me through your written words...bless you....

Abounding Treasures said...


Thanks for this reminder ~ I was really blessed by your thoughts and ponderings on this very important subject!

Blessings ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

This is so true of the enemy. A wonderful and encouraging post! Thank you for sharing with us!

Blessings to you,


Mishel said...

Coming over here this morning...this was *exactly* what I needed to read. Thank you, Patty...