Broken Pieces...

"He heals the brokenhearted and heals up their wounds."
Psalm 147:3

The box dropped...I heard the clinking of broken pieces. I knew what was in that box...of all boxes, it just couldn't be that box. I opened it carefully hoping it was minor..maybe something that wasn't my favorite. Sigh, it was my collection of Christmas tea cups. I have had them for years, given to me from special friends and some I bought myself.

A few days passed and I was putting out two adorable houses that friends had given me for my birthday one year. My fingers just gave out, and it was only the size of a shoe box. Oh my gosh! The damage was minor this time, only a chimney broke off. But still. I was disappointed about all the things that had broken this season and we are barely into it.

I was reminded it's just stuff. Indeed, it is just stuff. This made me think upon the broken people who live in that broken state every day of their life. What about the people who have broken hearts this time of year as they remember the losses in their lives as a result of losing someone, or even the people here in California who lost everything recently to the California fires, and the terrorist attacks... there is heartache all around us. Broken people, broken pieces...brokenness that only the Savior can put back together.

This second day of December...can you think of anyone that needs a touch of the Savior because they are broken. They aren't just stuff to be tossed away. The Lord will show us those people who need that touch that only He can give. Let's all be on the lookout with our Holy Spirit eyes, looking for opportunities to be part of the solution of helping mend broken lives. People don't always look broken on the outside. it's not always obvious to others when one is broken. Some people may just need a smile to get them through the day or a kind word to ease their pain just a little. Each thing we do can possibly be the building blocks leading that person to finding wholeness in Jesus Christ.
~People are not just stuff.~


Darcy said...

Excellent Post!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,

Thank you for sharing this encouraging post!



Abounding Treasures said...

What a touching post and oh! so very true!!

There are broken hearts all around, all year 'round, but often especially at this time of year and I pray that I might be used in some way to make it easier for someone that the Lord brings across my path!