Slow Down...

The holidays are over, do you feel like you need to slow down and concentrate and focus on tending to things around your home? I do. I have shared many times that I love a simple life. I don't do well when I am busy all the time. My home doesn't do well, my health doesn't do well..nothing seems right when I am on the go all the time.

I can't help but think that God does not want that fast paced life for any of us, well, me for sure. When I'm busy, my mind is busy thinking of the next thing that I have to. When I get up in the morning and my feet hit the floor running, my quiet time is the thing that gets neglected. Or how about...when I get up in the morning and the first thing I do after I have said good bye to my husband... I turn on the computer. I have decided that I will not turn on the computer until I have a quiet time and my bed is made.

When I am too busy to hear when God whispers to me, it's time to slow down. Even children don't have to be as busy as they are these days. Most kids are run from one activity to another. They don't have time to slow down and be a kid. A lot of kids don't know how to entertain themselves without the TV or DVDs or someone entertaining them all the time. I love it when I see my granddaughters play with dolls or dress up. Kids need to slow down will they learn to be still before God when they are older, if all they know how to do is be on the go when they are young?

Nurturing takes stillness, both physically and spiritually. We have to be still before God at times to be nurtured by the Holy Spirit. We have to slow down to hear the direction God wants us to take. People get sick with colds and flu because they are so tired and run down from being so busy. People have to work, it's all the added busyness that we need to re-examine to see if we need to slow down.

My Grandma told me once, "If the devil can't get you with idleness, he'll get you with busyness." That is so true! It's subtle too...we don't even recognize that some of our busyness is a distraction from the enemy himself, to keep us from the things of God. I know I have found that true in my own life from time to time.

So many people have said that they want peace. The only true peace is a relationship with Jesus Christ. For those that do know Christ and still cry for peace, maybe they are just too busy to recognize that they already have it. I am slowing down, how about you? Selah....


tea time and roses said...

Hello Patty!

Another beautiful post indeed. I read a most beautiful book written by the sweet Mother Teresa, in there she talked about the power of quiet. Patty I could not help but smile as I read your true, so beautiful and so needed. Thank you once again.



Renee said...

I find that the more I try to do in a day the more my mind goes and the more my mind goes the more wired I am and can't calm my mind....etc. etc.
With my illnesses, I need more peace of mind and times of quiet than activity. I figure if I spend 60% of my time cultivating peace and calm, then the 40% of activity is not so draining of my energy.
I like your teaching here of how nurturing takes stillness..... Profound words, Patty. I am going to keep them close to my heart.

Maxine said...

Very good advice, Patty. I especially appreciate the second paragraph. This is an area of life (busyness) that I have had to deal with many times. Especially when it interferes with me sitting down and paying better attention to what my loved ones are saying and not being distracted by thinking about all I have to do.