Reflections Of Beauty...

Saturday, we had our Women's Ministry Tea. It was entitled, Reflections of Beauty. It was such a lovely day and we really felt that God's Spirit was hovering over as we worshiped and the Word was taught.

Every part of the morning was bathed in prayer and you could see God's hand in every detail.

For those of you that had prayed for me, thank you so much. I felt every single one as I wrote my message and as I gave the presentation.

For the next few days I would like to post some of my thoughts from my teaching, but today, I must get my home back in order. I remember when I taught on a regular basis when I was done studying and when the message was given, all I wanted to do was get back into my routine and get my house clean again. So, a little bit of tidying here and there and I'll be ready to post some of my thoughts.

It was a glorious day! To God be the Glory!

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sherry said...

"Do they see Jesus in me" ... hm. Seems the Lord spoke to both our hearts. You used it for your message at the tea and I used it (along with other points) for my graduation message. Blessings abound. :o)

I'm exhausted and want nothing more than to loll and slop about here and there doing nothing of substance really. Quite a contradition from "Do they see Jesus in me" except that even Jesus rested, right? I'm resting.

I'm also praying - for you. <><

In Him with hugs,
jAne @