40th Wedding Anniversary!!

Today we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with our children and our four grandgirlies.

We started the day going to church together and going to Sunday brunch at a Southern California Mission. It was warm and sunny and we ate out on the patio. We have gone here before for other family milestones, including each our children's 21st birthdays. It was a special way to spend the day and both of us wouldn't of wanted anything more.

We both give God all the glory for our forty years together. My husband has given me an earthly example of unconditional love, showing me a small example of just how great and loving my Heavenly Father's unconditional love is. For that I am blessed and overwhelmned at times.

All of a sudden I don't feel very young....you can't be married 40 years and be young! That's okay, it's been a wonderful forty years filled with many of life's challenges. Whatever those things were, we took them hand in hand and walked them with the Lord as our guide.

Now what? I look forward to walking with this man for as many years as the Lord will give us.

Forty years was a big milestone. One lady asked me today, "Forty years with the same man?" Yep, forty years with the same man...and as many more that the Lord will give me.

Thanks to our children for making our day special and to my husband who makes me feel special every single day when he looks at me!


Darcy said...

A special day indeed!!! I'm so proud and honored to have parents still married! :)

tea time and roses said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your dear husband Patty! How wonderful!! God has certainly been good to the two of you. Indeed a wonderful thing.:o)



Mrs.T said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Patty and Bob! May God give you many more wonderful years together!

God bless,

Abounding Treasures said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your dear husband Patty :o)

May the Lord grant you many more blessed and wonderful years together!

sherry said...

Sweet blessings on your marriage, Patty. That mission is a lovely place - worthy of a precious milestone. :o)