I never realized until today, how many people I have in my life that encourage me. Sometimes I feel very alone,as I struggle to be productive when my chronic illnesses want to take control of my every effort, to do even the simplest of things. Keeping a Gratitude Journal over the last six months has helped me to recognize just how many people encourage me. Keeping this journal has helped me to see things with a grateful heart. It's taught me to watch for those things the Lord brings into my day that I have to be grateful for. As I read an email that I received yesterday, read a card I received in the mail and listened to a message left on my phone today, it was like a light bulb went on...Look Patty, at the encouragement you receive from friends and even acquaintances. My mind went back over the weeks of those that have emailed, left a message on Facebook or called me with words of encouragement. I took some time to do a self examination of myself, to see if I pay it forward to those I know. I am going to try and be better at encouraging others.

As I write just simple sentences of gratitude and count my blessings every day...the Lord encourages me. David sought encouragement from the Lord in 1 Samuel 30:6. God waits for us so He can encourage us in this journey called life. He loves to encourage us. We have to learn how to recognize it when He whispers encouragement to us.

If the simplest of words can discourage... then the simplest of words can encourage as well. I want to be an encourager, don't you? Thank you, dear hearts, for your words of encouragement!


Mrs.T said...

Wonderful post, Patty! You are a marvelous encourager to me and to many others, I know. God would have us all to be encouragers! Thanks for sharing this today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,
I look so forward to the the encouragement you enrich our lives with in your blogs. You reach into so many areas of our lives that need the Lord's touch and His wisdom. He uses you each time you share your thoughts, to bless and direct us to in ways that you aren't even aware of. I went to Berean this week and found "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst on sale50% off!! :) I love it! Thank you for sharing what has helped you. I'll look for "Daily Plate".

God bless you as you serve Him.
Connie P

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes...I do want to be an encourager too! The Lord is so good to send encouragement our way! Your post has encouraged me!

Joy to you!