Generation to Generation...

"For the Lord is good, His loving kindness is everlasting, and His faithfulness to all generations."

Psalm 100:5

I have a quilt that my great grandma started when she was young. It was passed down to me from my grandma. It wasn't finished at that time but, eventually I finished the quilt and put it on my bed. I was looking at it the other day and running my fingers along some of the pieces. When this quilt was made the pieces were cut from used clothing that had worn out. I couldn't help but wonder whose clothes some of the pieces came from. From there my mind began wander... Did my great grandma know the Lord? Did her children? If so, did she pray for her children or future generations of her family? That the seeds of her faith would be passed from generation to generation.

When my children were very young I began praying for their future spouses. Not everyday but regularly. If the Lord tarried in his return and it was His will for them to marry, then I would pray asking God to be shaping and molding my children, as well as their future spouses. It is weird to think when you are praying for a five year old that possibly their future mate was somewhere in the world that very moment. I didn't have names or faces, but God did. I prayed all the things a mother would want for her children. Through all those formative years God was working in each of them, making them into the spouses that each would need. God hand made them for each other. By God's grace, good kids and a hopefully a Mother's prayers, each of my children married Christians and their homes and their families reflect that.

I have four young granddaughters. If the Lord should tarry and if it be His will, they too will marry one day. And my mind is wandering again....Will I one day be a great grandma? Will those great grandchildren ask, "Was she a Christian, I wonder if she prayed? Did she pray for us?" The answer will be "Yes! She prayed!" Maybe they will ask those questions as their fingers run along the pieces of one of my quilts. And the seeds of her faith were passed from generation to generation. Lord, please let it be so.....


Mishel said...

Beautiful *is* a blessing to see the prayers we've prayed for our children since they were young, come to fruition. One of the most faith-building experiences I've had, was watching the Lord's hand in bringing Ashleigh's husband into her life. And now with Zach, we are excited to see what the Lord is going to do in his future and in his life...

And now that I am a Grammie, I think *often* about the legacy I'm leaving behind for my God's grace it will be one that brings honor to His name.


Heather Anne said...

Thank you for this post Patty - and for visiting my blog and blessing my heart with your kind encouragement there! I'm sorry about your blog deletion - what a loss. I have changed your address in my favorites.

I try to be in constant prayer for our children - when I iron their clothes or hang them on the line, I pray for them! When they do their schoolwork or I hear their voices outside, I pray for them. When I have to call them in to settle a dispute, I pray as they come - for wisdom, mostly, but for hearts that are softened and ready for instruction.

I miss my mother in law who was a real woman of prayer, but I am doing my best to fill in the gaps and be a prayer warrior for our blessings!

Anonymous said...

That one really made me smile. We do the same thing. Especially Betty she always wants me to pray for her future husband. Joshuah says please don't pray I don't want to get married he wants to live with us forever! Emily says she is going to marry Chris! You are such a blessing to me.

a portland granny said...

I see you are back in great shape. Loved the posts you have put in. Each so special and so meaningful! I identified so with your prayer post and keeping our minds on praying. Prayer has been my summer challenge--to go more deeply and consistently with my prayer life. I struggle, but I have been blessed.

Gigi G. T. showed real insight in the quote you left us in the previous post. I am going to type that up big and put it on the mirror in my bathroom!! I need to stop being so hard on myself and just absolutely relax in the Savior's love and care, not carry tomorrow's troubles, but live in the now.

Your writings are such a wealth of help to often dealing with situations happening right now in my life.

Thank you for choosing to come back online. God is using you to bless many hearts.


Patty said...

Dear Mishel, Heather, Charlene and Joan,

Thank you for all your encouragement!

Blessings, Patty