Beside Still Waters...

"He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters."
Psalm 23:2

I have been pondering for days what I wanted to write after the election results on Tuesday. I believe in God's sovereignty in allowing Barack Obama as our next president. But my heart is saddened and heavy. I will out of obedience pray for this man, that God would touch his heart, that he would be transformed, that he would have godly wisdom, that he would lead our country back to the ways of God. It's a big request, but I will pray those things because it is right to do so.

I really believe that God has allowed this to happen for several reasons.One...this is what the people wanted. Like in the days of Saul, the people wanted a king and God gave them Saul. The people of the United States wanted Barack Obama and God allowed them to have their way. Two...these are the final days before the Lord raptures His church and this plays into those end time events. There will be a great falling away in those days. Just look at the Emerging Church and the power sweep it has on so many, including mature Christians. Even the elect shall be deceived, the bible says.

This has happened, what do we do now? We can't change anything, this is just the way it is. Things could get really rough for our country. I don't think the word "could" is accurate...I believe they will. It's already happening, we need only look around. For the election we prayed and we voted. Now, we must pray and walk the walk that God has put before us as believers in Jesus Christ. People are losing their jobs, homes and their life savings. All the things that made them feel secure. Here is the opportunity for all of us to be encourager's to those who will be caught up in the chaos of change. We have to witness like we never have before to anyone that will listen. Millions of people have put their hope in Barack Obama...we need to share with them that their only hope can the Lord Jesus Christ.

If I let myself think of all the chaos and uncertainty that lies before us, I can get fearful. But if I am fearful, what good will I be to others who need to be encouraged? The rain falls on the good and the bad. We have to put the umbrella of God's Word over us and remember that He is faithful. God has always delivered His people from His wrath and He will do the same for us.

These are exciting times in which we live. We have the opportunity to watch God's plan unfold. Each one of us have been placed at this time, this generation, for such a time as this. He thinks we can handle the adversity before us, including the changing of a country that once was based on God and His truths. Yes, these are uncertain times, but think of those whose hope lies only in a man who makes promises that tickle their ears.

So, here we are, for such a time as this, to pick ourselves up, to do the work we have before us to do, to reach out and to pray for those who are lost. God will use each and every opportunity that comes before us to reach out to a hurting person caught up in the winds of change. We can't walk around with a down cast spirit, all doom and gloom....we must be the light that people see. We have to be their example like never before. We can do it!

My prayer is that God will lead us beside the still waters and we will find comfort for our souls and be refreshed..because we have work to do!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Well stated!

Mishel said...

Amen, Patty! You are right...there is much work to do!

sherry said...
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Renee said...



Maxine said...

So true, Patty. The Lord has just in the past couple of days encouraged my heart about it all and I'm ready to pray--for our leaders and our country--and for us as we go forward with our eyes on Jesus, our only Messiah. God has His purposes. Maybe it's to strengthen us. We've had it easy and grown weak.

Tonja H. said...

Amen, Patty! I'm getting a sense that something is coming to humble our country, but that God is moving now to awaken the church in preparation for standing in the gap. It's been giving me "glory bumps" how He gives me certain scripture verses/passages during my prayer times, and then I get it echoed from faithful believers all around me, telling me that He's giving them the same messages. Be strong and courageous!