Trust Jesus......

I am always mentioning in my posts that we live in changing times..sometimes I say perilous times. I am going to add the word uncertain to the mix. I never want to scare anybody but I think we are headed for rough times. Our new president is making choices that will affect our great grand children's great grandchildren. People are out of work and there isn't anyone that could be above losing their job. Am I scared? NO, but I get a little anxious sometimes thinking what could be before us. I am taking steps to deepen my pantry, buying what I feel is necessity rather than luxury, encouraging those I love to do the same.

When my heart gets overwhelmed I have to remember that all these things have to take place before Jesus returns. Prophecy has all been fulfilled...Jesus could come at any time. In these uncertain times I know the only One that is certain is Jesus. Trusting Him and doing what I can as a homemaker to deepen my pantry and save money is my goal for now.

I have been reading some very good blogs on how to deepen our pantry's during this economic crisis.

Brenda at Coffee Tea Books and Me has very helpful information on emergency prepareness and deepeening your pantry. She also has links in her side bar to other valuable recources. I'll be posting more blogs and websites at another time.


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sherry said...

I pray that people will wake up and realize what's happening in this country. We need to remember that *our Lord reigns*. He's still on the throne and always will be. His Name is Forever. He's our Rock, our Fortress, our Deliverer, our bright and morning sun...

I'm doing what you're doing, dear friend, and seeing well to the ways of my household, being practical and choosing pantry items wisely with what $ we can devote to that end.

So good to see you post. :o)