Our Times...

" My times are in Thy hand."
Psalm 31:15

It never ceases to amaze me how the days can just click by. I have been gone for awhile and I so appreciate many of you asking about me. I have had a little rough spell with not feeling well, but I mostly didn't have much to say, or maybe I had so much I wanted to share I didn't know where to start first! I'll just look at it that it was a time to be still. For the most part I want to share a just a couple things that have been on my heart the last month.

Our world is changing and it is changing fast. I feel that the only way we can hold on is to hold on tight to the Lord and know that our times are in His hands. I read other peoples blogs and they explain the politics and what it means for our country and how we are to deepen our pantry's, simplify our lives, prepare for the unknown...I am doing all that, but I don't know how to write about it. I found myself getting a little anxious a few weeks ago...then on Sunday my pastor said, When we say, Come quickly Lord Jesus, we must be prepared to walk through the rough times and trials that present themselves in these last days. It made so much sense to me all of a sudden. You can't ask for one without experiencing the other. If we are truly in the the last of the last days, or even at the beginning of the last days...we can't ask for one without experiencing the other. Difficult days usher in Jesus' return. Just think... we have been chosen by the Father Himself, to be living in these days. We are told to occupy until He comes. So amidst all the uncertainty we must try even more so to be examples for Christ, let our lives reflect His to all we come in contact with. That's why we are still here, God has work for us to do!

The last time I posted on my blog I was on my way to a prayer meeting. I shared that day that I had started a devotional and would this group of ladies hold me up in prayer as I sought the Lord as what to write. I don't even think about it being published, maybe just spiral bound booklets to give to people. Since that day that I asked for prayer..I haven't written a word anywhere..not even here on this blog or my recipe blog. That just dawned on me the other day. I have felt under such attack from the enemy and hadn't put it all together.

Isn't it comforting to know that God does hold us in His hands? That what we go through is so important to Him that He holds those things closely. It's almost hard to take in at times, that the Father cares so much about all the things of our lives, but He does.

This turned out to be a hodge podge of thoughts, but I wanted you to know I was alive and feeling better.
It's the first day of Spring and here in Southern California the sun is shinning... new beginnings, buds popping out all over and a freshness in the air. Sweet Sweet pollen. Achew!

Have a blessed day, everyone!


sherry said...

I've nothing special or witty to share, except thank you for once again speaking truth so lovingly.

Bless you dearly,


Renee said...

I always enjoy your posts. Your writings and the devotional you spoke about must be important or Satan would not have attacked you so intensely. You are in my prayers. Welcome "back"...we have all missed your words of wisdom.

Abounding Treasures said...

As your first commenter said, I have nothing witty to say but wanted to thank you for such an honest, encouraging and challenging post!

Blessings, dear Patty :o)